This is reader book on At The Beach.


This book is about things happening at the beach. The book has sentence with pictures to help child to read themselves.


There are phonic words and sight words list given at the end of the book. This will help child to read words later.


There is one more page to make their own sentence with phonic and sight words.


The purpose of the book is to help them to read independently. The book will enhance their reading, writing and thinking skill.

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Reading along and aloud to your child is on the best way to enjoy reading. Let you child get familiar to a book and than you can introduce second book. Try following tips regularly to see JOY OF READING.

  1.  Take opportunity to read with you child.
  2. Read slowly to help them build their word bank.
  3. Do voice modulation as per the characters in the book.
  4. Describe pictures to them.
  5. Use and help use the phrases in daily life that you read in story.
  6. Let the child guess and help predict what will happen next.
  7. Ask questions during the story and allow them to answer if not than help them.
  8. Let them visualize the story as you tell them without story book. This will stimulate their imagination.

I am sure they will enjoy reading and will experience JOY OF READING with your child.

Happy Reading 🙂

Reader Book – At The Farm

I was trying to teach my kid to read. He had little difficulty as it was just sentence and one big picture. So I thought let me try with small picture with sentence. I was amazed when he read by himself. I want even you to try out with your kids. Do let me know how does it help your kids.

Click the link below to get your copy.

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Phonics – Beginning Sounds

Hello Freinds

I have been very busy with my little baby learning to walk and talk. Managing the time I tried and have made this resource which has phonic letter beginning sound for letters A to J. Soon all letter would be available.

The unit has pictures beginning sound of each letter, child has to search the picture of the given letter and color it. This can help child to know vocabulary to each letter and its sound too. This can be used as reinforcement activity during the class or can be given as homework. This unit can be also used as assessment during the assessment week.



Happy Teaching:)


Selecting Good Pre School for your Child

These days education industry is growing so fast that every parent has question WHICH PRE SCHOOL IS GOOD? There are so many preschools at every corner of the lane and each of them has some different attractive schemes for parents. So it becomes so difficult for each parent to pick right school for the child.


1. The campus of school should be child friendly. The campus should have CCTV camera.

2. The teaching staff should be well trained and child friendly approach.

3. The school should have enough space for child to enjoy each activity carried in school.

4. There should be balance between curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

5. The utility areas should be clean. There should be some ancillary staff to attend children.

6. School should have well trained ancillary staff.

7. The student teacher ratio. Idle ratio is 10:1 which is manageable.


These days school have theory based curriculum.

1. Reggio Emlia Approach

2. Howard Gardner – Multiply Intelligence Approach

3. Jean Piaget – Progressive Approach

4. Madam Maria – Montessori Approach

Mostly school have MULTIPLY INTELLIGENCE for child’s holistic development.

There are school which follows more than one approach. There is nothing wrong in it. This approaches help them to be more focused on to development skills of children.

As parent we need to keep in mind that our child should have over all development with lots of fun at school. Going to school should not be torture for child.

I believe that child goes to school to learn basic social behaviour and  to understand that the world is huge place to interact with. If this is your purpose as parent than curriculum doesn’t matter much. Because actual curriculum starts at Grade one.

I request don’t run after board(CBSE, ICSE, IB or STATE BOARD) preschool don’t have any board. But please select a preschool that makes you feel that your child is safe and in good hands for development.

Hopefully I am satisfying much of the queries of new parents.

Thank you

Happy Parenting😊


NUMBER FUN (1 – 10)

People say its fun to play with number. Making it more interesting and playful I have designed few worksheet which will help children know the numbers easily and playful. The worksheet contains different styles like highlighting, tracing, counting, coloring, drawing. Here’s one worksheet which will help to know how interesting it is for children.


Click the picture below for sample.


To get the full pack click the link below.

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To build vocabulary we teach blends to children. This are phonic cards to help children to learn more words related to blending words. For example:


This cards are designed in such a manner that children can use play dough and learn the words. The card contains pictures which help children to learn easily and faster.

Free sample of this phonic card is below:


To get full version of this pack click the link below:

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