I Have… Who Has? Number Cards

Numbers are one the most complicated concepts to teach and learn. As a kid even till date I hate them. But when it comes to teaching I always make it interesting because as kid what I faced difficulties I don’t want other children to face it. So with great thought and interesting to learn. I have designed this ‘I Have… Who Has? Number Cards’ which is a simple gave where in kids have to find the connect number pair to finish counting one to ten. I assure each one of you it will be fun for kids to do so.


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Happy and Joyful Learning


Where is the cat? Prepositions

One of my favorite corner in grammar is Prepositions. Its such a fun thing to teach and learn. When you teach this to kids they also enjoy and start using preposition words in their daily life. This is how they start learning and speaking the language. There are lots of prepositions but to teach this you children I have picked few which are easy to understand and can be used by them. Word like in, on, under, near, beside, behind, between, above, in front of. When I was teacher. I use to start explaining this concept in natural setting such as asking children where is book? and they replied on the table. So than I say word ‘on’ is the position which you said for the book. Similarly many easy questions with quick answers. Make teachers work easy.

I thought let me give them something like TASK CARDS which children would love to read and write and learn by themselves after easy question answer session. This Task Cards have preposition words with sentence so that children can know how to use the words in forming sentences. Isn’t it fun. Let’s try out and find out how much interesting it is?


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Happy and Joyful Learning


Beginning Blends

Language teaching is difficult corner when it comes to teach tiny tots. I have been taking about language development in few previous posts. Children by now have learned alphabets and related vocabulary, they have even learned the CVC Words ( Consonants, Vowels and┬áConsonants) by now. So I thought lets take step forward and go to blends. Now What are blends? You all must be thinking! Blends are the mixture of two letters which gives new and single sound. For example “bl” as in block, blend, blanket. There are so many blends; we shall start with simple to complex so let’s start with “L CONTROLLED BLENDS” which will have blends like ‘bl’, ‘cl’, ‘fl’, ‘gl’, ‘pl’ and ‘sl’. I have designed flip books to help children words related to each blend.

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This blends are easy to learn and will increase you child’s vocabulary.

Happy And Joyful Learning