Reading along and aloud to your child is on the best way to enjoy reading. Let you child get familiar to a book and than you can introduce second book. Try following tips regularly to see JOY OF READING.

  1.  Take opportunity to read with you child.
  2. Read slowly to help them build their word bank.
  3. Do voice modulation as per the characters in the book.
  4. Describe pictures to them.
  5. Use and help use the phrases in daily life that you read in story.
  6. Let the child guess and help predict what will happen next.
  7. Ask questions during the story and allow them to answer if not than help them.
  8. Let them visualize the story as you tell them without story book. This will stimulate their imagination.

I am sure they will enjoy reading and will experience JOY OF READING with your child.

Happy Reading 🙂


Selecting Good Pre School for your Child

These days education industry is growing so fast that every parent has question WHICH PRE SCHOOL IS GOOD? There are so many preschools at every corner of the lane and each of them has some different attractive schemes for parents. So it becomes so difficult for each parent to pick right school for the child.


1. The campus of school should be child friendly. The campus should have CCTV camera.

2. The teaching staff should be well trained and child friendly approach.

3. The school should have enough space for child to enjoy each activity carried in school.

4. There should be balance between curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

5. The utility areas should be clean. There should be some ancillary staff to attend children.

6. School should have well trained ancillary staff.

7. The student teacher ratio. Idle ratio is 10:1 which is manageable.


These days school have theory based curriculum.

1. Reggio Emlia Approach

2. Howard Gardner – Multiply Intelligence Approach

3. Jean Piaget – Progressive Approach

4. Madam Maria – Montessori Approach

Mostly school have MULTIPLY INTELLIGENCE for child’s holistic development.

There are school which follows more than one approach. There is nothing wrong in it. This approaches help them to be more focused on to development skills of children.

As parent we need to keep in mind that our child should have over all development with lots of fun at school. Going to school should not be torture for child.

I believe that child goes to school to learn basic social behaviour and  to understand that the world is huge place to interact with. If this is your purpose as parent than curriculum doesn’t matter much. Because actual curriculum starts at Grade one.

I request don’t run after board(CBSE, ICSE, IB or STATE BOARD) preschool don’t have any board. But please select a preschool that makes you feel that your child is safe and in good hands for development.

Hopefully I am satisfying much of the queries of new parents.

Thank you

Happy Parenting😊


Sensory Play

What is a child’s SENSORY DEVELOPMENT?

Sensory and motor development is the gradual process by which a child gains use & coordination of the lager muscles of the legs, trunk and arms and the smaller muscles of the hand.

Sensory Play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory activities or sensory tables facilitate exploration and naturally encourages child to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Investing time in stimulating their senses helps to develop child cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotional, physically and creatively.

Example: When you make popcorn or fry potato french fries. Child can get all his senses activated. The sense of sight, hear, taste, smell and touch can be felt.

There are different to make child experience the senses. Any activity you select to make experience the sense it will have combination of at least two senses.

I would like to list few activity for you and let your child experience the senses and do let me know about the experience that you enjoy with your children.

Water Play – sight, touch and hear

Dry Leaves – sight, touch, smell and hear

Mud Play – touch, smell, and sight

Hay Play – touch, sight, smell and hear

Lemonade Making – taste, touch, sight and smell

Happy and Joyful Learning


Shortcut to phonic course

I was browsing PINTEREST and found very nice article saying short course on phonics.  I know phonics is one such corner that it’s difficult to understand and explain; all the more difficult when ut come to explain 5 year old kids. So I thought this may reduce our difficulties little.


Happy teaching and joyful learning. 🙂

Parent Involvement

Children come from different home backgrounds to schools. Families and school are partners in a child’s development. It is therefore important to maintain linkage between home and school. To do so schools should organize programs for parents by which parents come to know the school’s philosophy, programme and in turn , the school can come to know about the child’s development.

Some strategies for parent involvement are:

  • Meetings with parents of each child individually to understand the child better. The is done mainly to share the child’s performance both at home and school.
  • Group meetings for (a) parents of individual classes and (b) whole preschool section. Either teachers themselves or the other people from outside can serve as resource person.
  • Open House can be organized.
  • In addition to this parents can themselves be resource persons for the preschool programme. They can be volunteers for activities such as field trips, planning fun fairs, etc.

Some essential topics which needs to be covered during parent meetings are:

  • Helping them understand characteristics of their children and what is normal for that particular age.
  • Philosophy of the school.
  • Reducing pressure on preschool children and
  • Positive stratergies for child rearing.