To build vocabulary we teach blends to children. This are phonic cards to help children to learn more words related to blending words. For example:


This cards are designed in such a manner that children can use play dough and learn the words. The card contains pictures which help children to learn easily and faster.

Free sample of this phonic card is below:


To get full version of this pack click the link below:

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We all love colors and to help children learn colors I came up with this small book on colors. This book contains colors relating the animal and even the sentence regarding the name of color for example.


Children can have fun reading, pasting and coloring this book. The process of making color book will help them to understand the importance book, how to take care of their book with learning colors. This set even contains extra writing page to help them to practice and frame new sentences.

Below is the sample of Color BUILD – A – WORD.


For Full Version of this pack click the link below:

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Sight Words – Play Dough Mat

I t has been quite long time that I haven’t updated with the blog. During this break I have come up with lot of new resource and I will be soon uploading them soon. Here is the first resource on Sight Words in form of Play Dough Mat with sentence reading. This will help children to learn new words which will enhance their skill in building sentence. I am sure that this resources will have help you and children learning the words easily with fun. The full version have approximately 40 words with sentence.


Click the below image to get it.


Click the below link to get full version

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Comprehension Reading

We all know reading is art and skill both. To develop this skill into children we have to give small passages with picture so that they can understand. Along with this we can give lot of picture talks so they learn to frame small sentence; which lead to passage reading gradually. Keeping this small points in mind I have designed few worksheets and called Comprehension Reading. I would love to hear from about your thoughts on Comprehension Reading and even on reading skills.

Please click below to get sample worksheets.


Please click here to get the whole bundle


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Summer Word Book

Summer Word Book is small and personal book on summer words. This is one step up after word wall. There are different ways to use this word work.

1.This word book helps children to make it by themselves in alphabetic order. Than read and write the words. Lastly they can color the pictures.

2. Teacher can give only the difficult words in this word book so that the child can read and write them.

3. Teacher can give the printable pages home so that children can make the My Summer Word Book as the culminating activity on the Theme Summer Season.

To try making the book for the children and experience their fun in learning words click the picture below for the sample book.


If you like it and want to enjoy this sample book do click the picture below to get the full Summer Word Book.Slide1


Summer Word Wall

Word wall are interesting for children to learn topic related words and adding them to their vocabulary. Summer Word Wall has approximately 47 words related to summer season. Words like sand, sea weeds, beach chair, etc. All this words accompany small picture which helps children to learn more faster and easily.

Word Wall

Sample of Word Wall


This unit also has No Prep Worksheets which is related to reading and writing with the Summer words from this word wall.



This word wall has personal word wall for teachers to teach the children easily.


To have the entire unit click the picture below.


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Where is the cat? Prepositions

One of my favorite corner in grammar is Prepositions. Its such a fun thing to teach and learn. When you teach this to kids they also enjoy and start using preposition words in their daily life. This is how they start learning and speaking the language. There are lots of prepositions but to teach this you children I have picked few which are easy to understand and can be used by them. Word like in, on, under, near, beside, behind, between, above, in front of. When I was teacher. I use to start explaining this concept in natural setting such as asking children where is book? and they replied on the table. So than I say word ‘on’ is the position which you said for the book. Similarly many easy questions with quick answers. Make teachers work easy.

I thought let me give them something like TASK CARDS which children would love to read and write and learn by themselves after easy question answer session. This Task Cards have preposition words with sentence so that children can know how to use the words in forming sentences. Isn’t it fun. Let’s try out and find out how much interesting it is?


Click the Picture to get the sample of this Task Card.


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