Sensory Play

What is a child’s SENSORY DEVELOPMENT?

Sensory and motor development is the gradual process by which a child gains use & coordination of the lager muscles of the legs, trunk and arms and the smaller muscles of the hand.

Sensory Play includes any activity that stimulates your young child’s sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory activities or sensory tables facilitate exploration and naturally encourages child to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore. Investing time in stimulating their senses helps to develop child cognitively, linguistically, socially, emotional, physically and creatively.

Example: When you make popcorn or fry potato french fries. Child can get all his senses activated. The sense of sight, hear, taste, smell and touch can be felt.

There are different to make child experience the senses. Any activity you select to make experience the sense it will have combination of at least two senses.

I would like to list few activity for you and let your child experience the senses and do let me know about the experience that you enjoy with your children.

Water Play – sight, touch and hear

Dry Leaves – sight, touch, smell and hear

Mud Play – touch, smell, and sight

Hay Play – touch, sight, smell and hear

Lemonade Making – taste, touch, sight and smell

Happy and Joyful Learning



Word Family

I have been working on this from quite a while. This is easy and fun learning thing; Word Family. Word Family is bundle of words related to each vowel at the center. For eg. -at words = bat, cat, mat, fat.

To make this learning fun and easy I have made mini flip books with each vowel. This unit will be interactive unit with children. You can download this bundle right here itself and look more flip book on my TpT store also.

word famliy

Life Cycle Wheel

It has been long that I haven’t posted anything on Blog. I have been busy making helpful resource for my kiddo and than thought let me share with all of you. Its important to make children understand the origin of life. So I designed simple life cycle wheel with natural elements like chicken, butterfly and frog. This are simple activities which is easy for child to understand and even for everyone to explain to them.

You can show them the chart and download this sheets and help the to frame the Life Cycle Wheel themselves.

Image result for chicken life cycle

Click on here to get the Life Cycle Wheel TpT store