NUMBER FUN (1 – 10)

People say its fun to play with number. Making it more interesting and playful I have designed few worksheet which will help children know the numbers easily and playful. The worksheet contains different styles like highlighting, tracing, counting, coloring, drawing. Here’s one worksheet which will help to know how interesting it is for children.


Click the picture below for sample.


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Number Play Dough Mats

Numbers have been one such corner which is always been fun to explore, if one is interested. But to develop that interest as educators and facilitators we have to find ways. I have developed one such way to help children develop interest into numbers.

How all don’t love playing with Play Dough(clay)? Everyone of us loves to play with it. So just to make children learn easily and faster and develop interest in numbers; I have come up with Play Dough Mats.

This mats are easy to use and learn. Children can learn correct formation of numbers, they can learn counting and even the number names. Have a look.


To Download the Full version click the link below.

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I Have… Who Has? Number Cards

Numbers are one the most complicated concepts to teach and learn. As a kid even till date I hate them. But when it comes to teaching I always make it interesting because as kid what I faced difficulties I don’t want other children to face it. So with great thought and interesting to learn. I have designed this ‘I Have… Who Has? Number Cards’ which is a simple gave where in kids have to find the connect number pair to finish counting one to ten. I assure each one of you it will be fun for kids to do so.


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Flash Cards – Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes

These days I have been working on making flashcards. The thought came to me when I was try to teach my 15 months old child about Alphabet, though he is too small to understand and remember but with the technology children faster. So thought let me make different flashcards which children can hold them and enjoy reading them. This are all mini flashcards which parents can use at home and facilitators can use them in pre – reading corner.

Alphabet Flashcards are all 26 alphabets with picture and one vocabulary word to each alphabet. The illustration are so colorful and attractive that child will definitely enjoy learning. The sample is below and click  below to purchase.

Number Flashcards are from 1 to 10 with number names and it includes no prep worksheets. So after teaching numbers and its name children can use the worksheet to write what they have learned through flashcards.The sample is below and click  below to purchase.

Shapes Flashcards has different shapes with no prep worksheets. This flashcards are colorful with each shape smiling back to us. It help the child to learn faster when they see colorful things.


All this flashcards are available to my TpT Store and I have even made easy for my Indian buyers to get them easily available. Kindly contact me at for more details.

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Time Check – Knowing the Clock

I have been working on clock worksheet. So that I can make it fun loving for the children to learn the clock easy. As educators and parents its difficult to teach time to children. Here is worksheet to know the time and knowing the clock.

Educators and parents you should teach children skip count by 5’s to make you task easy in reading the clock. Start with Analog clock because it has numbers which will help you. Here is clock with Numbers and minutes.


Hope this help you to explain it to children easy.

So here are worksheets which can help you. Click the below picture to download them.

time check

Number Puzzle

As said earlier numbers are boring at first go. Making it more interesting and fun loving. Here is Number Puzzle where in children have to match the number with number name and the counting number picture. I hope this will develop interest of your children into numbers and can make your work easy.

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