Opposites – Puzzle

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All of us like puzzles. Puzzle are helpful to keep yourself busy and develop patience. I love puzzles and I thoroughly enjoy them as it satisfies my curiosity of knowing what it will be ones its ready. Children have lot of curiosity and puzzles do help them. I have two piece puzzle on opposite for them. In this there are pictures and opposite written, children have to match the correct opposite and complete the puzzle.

For Eg.


For Educators:

This resource can be used for bulletin board decoration, for pre reading skills, to play  game. I am sure this resource will be very helpful resource for you.

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front page


Hindi Swar

Teaching language is difficult!! Hindi is one of the language which is easy to speak but when it comes to teaching its difficult. Its not like English that you find lot of vocabulary words with the Hindi Alphabets, they are always attached with matras.

Lets make it easy to understand. We have vowels in English Language similarly in Hindi Language we have Swar which are also known as matras.

This are Swar:


Here are flash card with one vocab word to help your child identify and learn the Hindi Swar easily.

a e

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Alpha Domino

Language Development has two components to be take care off.

  1. Pre Reading
  2. Pre writing

Pre reading starts as the child learns to speak. As parent and educators we have to be very clear in words and language that we speak; because child learns from us only. Here is one small activity for pre reading which will help to build up vocabulary. Pre reading can be done in lot of different ways but play way method is fun way to do as child learn things faster.

Enjoy this Alpha Domino with you child.

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Alphabet Flashcards

Visual learning helps the child to learn faster and easier. One of the is flashcards. Flashcards are easy to handle and one of the effective way of teaching.

This Alphabet Flashcards has words related to each alphabet which will build children’s vocabulary as it has pictures even. This flashcards can be coloured by children so; make your children help more words through this flashcards.

Front Page Flash Card     1

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