Flash Cards – Alphabet, Numbers & Shapes

These days I have been working on making flashcards. The thought came to me when I was try to teach my 15 months old child about Alphabet, though he is too small to understand and remember but with the technology children faster. So thought let me make different flashcards which children can hold them and enjoy reading them. This are all mini flashcards which parents can use at home and facilitators can use them in pre – reading corner.

Alphabet Flashcards are all 26 alphabets with picture and one vocabulary word to each alphabet. The illustration are so colorful and attractive that child will definitely enjoy learning. The sample is below and click  below to purchase.

Number Flashcards are from 1 to 10 with number names and it includes no prep worksheets. So after teaching numbers and its name children can use the worksheet to write what they have learned through flashcards.The sample is below and click  below to purchase.

Shapes Flashcards has different shapes with no prep worksheets. This flashcards are colorful with each shape smiling back to us. It help the child to learn faster when they see colorful things.


All this flashcards are available to my TpT Store and I have even made easy for my Indian buyers to get them easily available. Kindly contact me at childrensmuseum15@gmail.com for more details.

Happy & Joyful Learning



Theme – Farm and Pet Animals Reader Book

Here’s one more reader book for your children but this time I have designed by keeping grade one child in mind. This book has sight words and few sheets on sentence making too. I am sure that you and your children will have best time making this reader book and searching the sight words and making sentences.


Click the image above to get the full version

To know what’s inside the package here’s few pages of reader book and even the worksheet.Slide8



Happy and Joyful Learning

Theme – On The Farm: Flip Book

I have been working on the theme On The Farm and have got this beautiful Flip book For you all.

Flip book on farm

Click the picture to get full version of Flip Book

Free Sample of Flip Book is available here. The aim is to help child learn new words related to farm and even understand the importance of taking care of their on books so let your child make their own book and read them.



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Theme – On The Farm

Its has been quite long I have been not blogging. So firstly I want to say sorry of it; I was just busy with my little one. But in this break I have got interesting stuff to share with all of you. I have been thinking ideas for Sunday Fun School. This brought me to make stuff related On The Farm as its one of the interesting topic for kids and parents. Sunday Fun School  is all about developing interaction with parents and their children. Here first unit On The Farm Emergent Reader Book.

On The Farm Reader Book

Click on the picture to get full version

Few sample reader book to explore with you child to know is it fun for him. The idea of giving this sheets is to help you child to build his/her own reader book, interact with the book, caring the book, and even enjoy learning build their vocabulary. I request you all to try out ones.



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