Sight Word Folder

This product give child to trace, write, read and paste sight words. Educators can make beautiful folders for each child. This product can be send home ones all the folders are done. When said reading that means child is taught how to use the word in sentence form. Ready to print folders.

Click the below image to find few sight word folders.

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Sight word folder


ABC Fun Puzzle ( 3 Pcs.)

Reinforcement for kids is very important so here is one of the fun way to encourage children to learn ABC. This product can be used as assessment and pre reading activities for educators.

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Shortcut to phonic course

I was browsing PINTEREST and found very nice article saying short course on phonics.  I know phonics is one such corner that it’s difficult to understand and explain; all the more difficult when ut come to explain 5 year old kids. So I thought this may reduce our difficulties little.


Happy teaching and joyful learning. 🙂